Who Is Shifting Capital?: Roja Asks Babu

Sun Jan 12 2020 17:03:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

YCP Leader RK Roja questioned Chandrababu Naidu who said to him that YCP Government has been shifting the capital. She accused the TDP Supremo of trying to create unrest by spreading baseless speculations. 'Babu snatched the lands from Amravati Farmers in a forcible manner by scaring them. He is a Rayalaseema Drohi. Who said to him that Capital is being shifted? He is provoking people by spreading lies. National Women's Commission has already warned him not to drag women into politics,' she said.

Roja wondered why Pawan Kalyan, who once said Kurnool should have been the AP Capital, is opposing '3 Capitals' proposal. She opined BJP rejecting the development model proposed by YCP Govt 'very unfortunate'. The Firebrand Leader made it clear MPs Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh who shifted to BJP for personal gains lack moral right to criticize YCP.

The Nagari MLA told people are welcoming the proposal to have '3 Capitals' instead of creating another Hyderabad. She went on to say, YCP Government is committed to develop all the regions equally.