Ruling party offices are being closed in this region

Thu Jul 29 2021 14:16:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Elsewhere, the ruling TRS is opening swanky party offices. But in Bhadrachalam region, the TRS party offices are getting closed one by one. The ruling TRS does not have party offices in Bhadrachalam and Charla. The Bhadrachalm office has become dysfunctional, while the Charla office has been closed down.

As a result, whenever any meeting is to be held, it is being held in the houses or hotels belonging to senior leaders. In Bhadrachalam, the meetings are organised in the hospital belonging to a prominent leader, while in Charla, the people are meeting in the business establishments of key workers. Also, in case of flag hoisting, the party leaders are erecting a temporary flag staff. Even the incharge of the party for the two districts is unable to bring all the groups together and build a party office. Intense groupism and domineering attitude of some key leaders is said to be responsible for the strange situation.

All this is posing difficulties to the general public. The people are made to wait at either the residences of the leaders or the shops frequented by them. Interestingly, the opposition parties have their own dedicated party offices, where the meetings are held and the public can get their grievances redressed.

A senior party leader quipped that the ruling party does not need an opposition. "The opposition is from within. The party leaders themselves are acting as the opposition," he quipped. The party is unable to put up a face-saving performance due to the rampant infighting and cross voting. All these are affecting the overall performance of the party, analysts say. It is about the time that the senior leaders step in and set the things right in the Bhadrachalam region.