L Ramana's Tasks: Help Kavitha, Get TDP cadres vote for TRS

Tue Jul 13 2021 17:46:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why was the TRS in such haste to make L Ramana join the party? What is the reason behind the TRS chasing this leader who could not win an election for the last 12 years ? If sources are to be believed, the deal is to make L Ramana an MLC if he joins the TRS. Why is such a heavy price being paid for L Ramana? These are the questions being asked both within and outside TRS.

Sources say that KCR wants to get his daughter Kavitha elected to the legislative assembly. But why? Isn't she already an MLC? Yes. She is. But Kavitha was to be made a minister in KCR cabinet and was to be given a key portfolio. But, Kavitha was reportedly adamant that she would take up a ministry only after she becomes an MLC. Becoming a minister through the council route would be seen as a backdoor entry, she feels. Hence she wants to win the election from Jagityal.

Jagityal MLA Dr Sanjay has already indicated that he was ready to resign if Kavitha Kalwakunta contests from Jagityal. L Ramana too has a lot of influence in Jagityal. He himself had won from Jagityal and has deep connections there. Hence KCR wants Ramana to help him in enabling Kavitha to win the bypoll. It is because of this that KCR wants Ramana in.

The second reason why KCR wants Ramana in the TRS is because he wants to grab the residual TDP vote. Despite the party being in totters, it still has a significant chunk of vote in several assembly constituencies. This vote may not win seats, but will help in deciding the victor. So, KCR wants the TDP vote chunk in his kitty. Hence KCR has extended an invitation to Ramana  to join the TRS.

According to plans, Dr Sanjay may make way and allow Kavitha to contest from Jagityal. Ramana will work to get her elected to the assembly. Kavitha will get a ministry, while Ramana will get an MLC post.