SBI report says India could witness peak of Covid second wave in coming 20 days!

Thu Apr 29 2021 16:02:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

India is fearing the ongoing second wave of the Coronavirus, which originated from the dragon country China. The country is seeing new highs in terms of fresh infections and casualties daily.

Raising many fears and concerns about the virus spread, the economists of SBI, predicted that, by mid-May, the second wave of the pandemic might reach the peaks. After reaching the peaks, the virus spread might come down, experts said.'

In the report, SBI said, the only good news to India despite the crisis is the recovery rate. Now the country's recovery rate stood at 82.5 percent, which had reduced by 14.5 percent.

“At the beginning of the second wave of the novel Coronavirus, India had a recovery rate of 97 percent against the respiratory disease. It took 69 days for India to see a decline of 14.5 percent in the recovery rate. Considering the situations in other nations, the second wave could peak, when India will have a recovery rate of 77.8 percent,” the report said.

Going by the statistics that, the recovery rate in the country is going down by 1 percent in 4.5 days, the economists at SBI predict that, when India could see the peaks of the virus, the active cases in the country would be around 36 lakh.

Talking about the vaccinations, the SBI economists said that, as the facilities to produce the vaccines are increased and vaccines from other nations are being imported, by October 21, 1048 million doses can be administered in the country.'

1048 million doses include 15 percent of the population in the country administered with two doses of the vaccination, while 63 percent of individuals can receive the first dose of vaccination.