SC Appointed Panel Dubs Disha Encounter as Fake!

Fri May 20 2022 15:52:05 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Like how the Nirbhaya case made the whole nation look at the national capital Delhi, the Telangana capital city Hyderabad grabbed everyone's attention with the much-talked-about heinous gang-rape case involving a young veterinarian. The case which was dubbed as the Disha case has put a big question on women's safety.

After the gang-rape case created a big uproar, the four accused were nabbed very quickly by the cops. However, the cops put them down in an encounter, after the accused tried to escape from the spot by attacking the investigation officers while they were trying to recreate the scene.

The Disha encounter made the Hyderabad cops super famous and people from other places as well had supported what happened and said that the accused in their places should also get the same treatment for attacking women. However, the encounter also raised many questions and doubts about the story narrated by the cops who did the encounter.

With many questions and petitions reaching the Supreme Court, the top court issued directives to set up a three-member committee to look into the matter. Former Supreme Court justice Sirpurkar headed the panel that probed the alleged encounter carried out by the cops to protect themselves.

 Putting an end to the long suspension, the three-member panel submitted its report to the Supreme Court earlier today. In its reports, the committee reportedly called the encounter fake and opined that the cops fired bullets at the accused to take their lives. Having said that, the panel suggested that the cops involved in this face the probe.

The Disha case traces back to 2019. When a 26-year-old veterinary doctor was out late, four people approached her on the pretext of giving her a lift. However, the four accused took her to a deserted place and gang-ra*** her. Fearing that she might reveal their details to others, they brutally killed her by burning her.

Days after the rape and murder case, the accused were taken into police custody and were questioned by the cops. However, they were killed in an encounter and the encounter was named Disha Encounter.