Sachin Sues Bat Manufacturer For Rs 14 Crore

Sat Jun 15 2019 12:46:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sachin Tendulkar sued Australian Bat Manufacturer 'Spartan Sports International' for Rs 14 crore in royalties.

In 2016, Sydney-based Spartan Sports International entered into an agreement with Sachin Tendulkar to use his image, logo and promotional services for the sale of products under the banner 'Sachin By Spartan'. The Sports Brand agreed to pay Rs 7 crore per year for using his image and services.

Sachin Tendulkar had even took part in the promotional event in London and Mumbai for Spartan Sports International. He, however, didn't receive a single payment by September 2018.

Initially, Sachin placed a formal request for the payment he has to receive. After receiving no response, The Former Cricketer asked the Bat Manufacturer to stop using his name and filed a civil case charging the Australian Firm of cheating.