Saffron Party Received Rs 750 Crore As Donations For 2019-20, Highest For Any Party

Thu Jun 10 2021 13:03:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

The saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has received a record amount in the form of donations for the year 2019-20 from individuals and corporates. BJP received five times more the amount than the donations received by another national party Congress.

In the report submitted to the Election Commission(EC), the BJP party said, for the year 2019-20 it had received around Rs 750 crore as a donation. The ruling party had received the highest donations for the seventh consecutive year.

Bangalore-based private equity firm Jupiter Capital, ITC Group, Macrotech Developers and BG Shirke Construction Technology, the Prudent Electoral Trust, and Jankalyan Electoral Trust are the major contributors of the donations BJP received.

Besides the firms and companies, around 14 educational institutions have also donated to the BJP party. Mewar University in the national capital Delhi donated Rs 2 crore, Allen Career, Kota (Rs 25 lakh), Krishna Institute of Engineering (Rs 10 lakh), donated the next highest amount.

During the same period, the opposition party Congress had received Rs 139 crore as donations. Sharad Pawar's NCP attracted Rs 59 crore, while CPM received Rs 19.6 crore.