Sai Pallavi's Issue Tells Us Why Sensitive Topics are Dangerous!

Fri Jun 17 2022 15:09:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

The world got to know about the atrocities faced by the Pandits in Kashmir valley with The Kashmir Files film. The Hindi film had set the box office on fire. While the Hindu sympathizers say what was shown in the film is just the tip of an iceberg, the opposition parties and leaders dubbed the film as misleading.

Actress Sai Pallavi landed in an unwanted controversy during her interviews. When asked about her opinion on violence, Sai Pallavi said that violence is wrong and she tried to compare the Kashmir disaster with cow vigilantism. Her comments did not go well with many.

The Right-wing people are not happy with Sai Pallavi and a demand to boycott her Virata Parvam film was also brought. Now an actress-turned-politician joined the list of critics of Sai Pallavi in the comments row.

Senior actress and former MP Vijayashanti took strong objections to Sai Pallavi's comments and asked how atrocities against a community and beating a person can be compared. How can religious Ecstasy be compared to the fight of Gorakshaks to save Cows which are sacred to Hindus?

Vijayashanti also advised Sai Pallavi that she would have dodged the question if something sensitive is asked as one should understand that anything we speak is shared with people immediately.

In the entire episode, Sai Pallavi got carried away with her statements. Calling violence wrong is not bad. But comparing two different situations, where one situation forced the entire community to flee the place fearing for lives is not appreciable. The Kashmir exodus remains the worst-ever episode in India.

The Pandits were forced to either change their religion or leave the place by leaving the women in the valley. Who failed to do both were chased and killed.

The second point is that Sai Pallavi's comments are being made controversial. She wants to convey the point that violence is wrong no matter who did it, left-wing or right-wing and for the same, she quoted two big examples. Without understanding this, people started trolling her. This is the issue with sensitive topics. No one knows how the comments are interpreted.