Salaries Delayed For Most Of Telangana Districts

Tue Oct 05 2021 16:59:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is disquiet among the lakhs of government employees in Telangana this time. Barring seven districts, the employees in the remaining 36 districts have not been given their salaries. It is already October 5 and the employees in these districts are yet to get their salaries.

With the festive season of Batukamma and Dasara round the corner, the employees are worried on how to celebrate their festivals. The employees of Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Karimnagar have been given their salaries. But for the remaining districts, the wait is getting longer and longer. In fact, the salaries are being released lately for the past several months. Initially, it was believed that lack of revenues due to Covid lockdown was the reason for the delay.

But, now that there is lockdown, the employees are unable to understand why the salaries are being delayed.

Many employees are complaining that due to the erratic release of the salaries, they are forced to default on their bill payments and credit card payments. They are also defaulting on the EMIs. They wonder why the delay was happening.

"We never suffered such delays when the state was united. After we got our own state of Telangana, we are suffering delays. There is no certainty as to when the salaries are released,” an employees union leader said.