Shocking: Same Syringe Used to Vaccinate 30 Students!

Thu Jul 28 2022 16:56:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Its been more than two years since the pandemic entered our lives. We have been fighting hard to root the pandemic out of our lives. Taking vaccines is the key factor in the fight against the deadly virus. Adults and senior citizens were given their doses of vaccines and booster doses also came into existence.

Now the students are also being given the doses. A recent vaccination camp made it to the headlines after a health worker reportedly used the same syringe and vaccinated not less than 30 students. The issue became the talk of the town with the negligence of the health worker.

The shocking situation is reported by the Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh. The alleged issue came to light when the parents of a few kids saw this and created a big issue at the vaccination center.

Thankfully, no issue arose. As Covid is a communicable disease, it would have led to a disaster if one of the students would have Covid. Given the immunity power Indians have, the majority of Indians came in contact with the virus and managed to beat it even before they knew it.

If anyone of the student was Covid positive without any symptoms, then the virus would have been transmitted to others. As of now, no Covid infections were reported among the students and the state medical department called for an investigation.

The shocking fact is that the health worker who was identified as Jitendra Ahirwar alleged that, the authorities provided him with a single syringe and he vaccinated the students with the syringe he has. The alleged angle also shows the negligence of the medical department.