Scene Reverse for TRS in Telangana?

Thu Jan 02 2020 16:11:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics is all about gaining power and leaders will mostly prefer to be in the ruling party. Leaders from the opposition and sometimes independent candidates too prefer ruling parties.

Quite a contrast to that TRS leaders from Panaparti constituency has joined the Century odd years old Congress party in the presence of PCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy.

At the event, Uttam has urged all the leaders who went to TRS from Congress to come back.TRS is a family party and KCR's regime is exploitation. Congress is the only party that gives importance to underprivileged, weaker sections and minorities.

"TRS is indulged in degeneration politics and KCR has ruined the state. What happened to the promises made during Assembly polls?, Uttam asked.

"When I am talking about Municipal elections, TRS leaders are making mad criticism. Congress party will not fear such criticism. I have won many elections. Facing the Municipal polls is not an issue," he added.

"I did a mistake by leaving the Congress party. I am not happy in three in the TRS party. No community is happy in the TRS ruling. They(TRS) invited us by telling us that they will give us posts but they did not give even basic value for us. That's why I returned. Other leaders should also come back," Panaparti TRS leader said.