Scientists Discover A Fatal Genetic Disease That Affectes Only Men

Fri Oct 30 2020 20:10:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the wake of the world finding it difficult to combat the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, scientists have now discovered a rare and dangerous gene-transmitted disease.

The inflammatory disease named VEXAS syndrome caused by the mutation in the UBA1 gene affects only men. The syndrome is very fatal.

In a study published in a medical journal, the scientists said, the fatal syndrome, which spreads rapidly, has killed not less than 50 percent of the patients who were infected with the virus so far.

The autoinflammatory nature of the Syndrome makes it very fatal as the infected patients develop symptoms such as blood clots, lung tissue, and unexplained fevers, the scientists said.

One more concern with the syndrome is that the impact left by it makes the infected patients not respond to any sort of treatment. Even the high doses of steroids will also not work.

To carry out the study, the researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute(NHGRI) have studied the genomes of the individuals who were not diagnosed with the syndrome.

The scientists added that Men have only one X chromosome which makes them vulnerable to the syndrome while the additional X chromosome acts as a protection in women.