Secunderabad Violence: Person From Neighbouring State is Accused?

Sat Jun 18 2022 17:41:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After firing at the protesting mob at the Secunderabad Railway station, the investigation officers registered a case and started a comprehensive investigation to know the reasons that triggered the violent protests, which the state has never seen so far. The cops found out that WhatsApp played a big role in the protests.

After the investigation, the cops have reportedly found that a person who runs a coaching center for the Army aspirants might be behind this and on WhatsApp groups, he reportedly encouraged the youths to participate in the violence. All the key information was shared on WhatsApp reportedly.

As a few army aspirants had some doubts about the new scheme that their recruitment chances would get affected, the centre owner reportedly encashed the fear and instigated the violence. The same point was unearthed by the cops and the evidence to prove the same was also found reportedly.

Though the cops are maintaining secrecy on the details of the accused, it has been widely reported that the accused hails from Andhra Pradesh. He created many groups on WhatsApp and added his students and others and guided them reportedly.

The Special Investigation Team which was constituted for the case has found out the alleged angle and the accused is being grilled to clear their doubts. Further information on this issue is awaited from the cops.