See Who Benefited From Panchayat Elections

Mon Feb 11 2019 11:21:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

One normally believes that the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections are costlier affairs, where the candidates spend in crores. But, here's the real shocker. Even panchyat elections are equally costlier. in over a 1000 gram panchayats, the candidates had to spend more than Rs 1 crore for the sarpanch elections. Money, sources say, has flowed like water in other village panchayats too.

The excise department has confirmed that there was at least 34.28 per cent more liquor was sold during the panchayat elections. This means, the excise department has earned up to Rs 1800 crore through the slae of the liquor. The department claimed that at least 12.39 cases of liquor bottles were sold in addition to the normal sales. Interestingly, the liquor sales touched the peak in Rangareddy, Medchal Malkajgiri and Sangareddy districts, which are very close to the state capital of Hyderabad as these panchayats have huge real estate potential.

So, now you know how the panchayat elections were won in Telangana.