See how KCR turned best friends into worst enemies?

Mon Sep 13 2021 13:29:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics makes strange bed-fellows. It also makes the best of the buddies the worst of enemies. The best example for this is none other than the duo of Eatala Rajender and Harish Rao. They were best friends for a long time. Both have been with the TRS since its inception. Both travelled together and fought together.

But today, both are sworn enemies. Both are fighting a bitter war. They are today engaged in the most critical battles. Interestingly, after he left the TRS, Eatala criticised everyone. He did not spare KCR, KTR, Palla Rajeshwar Reddy or Gangula Kamalakar. The only one that did not touch or criticise was Harish Rao. He even went on to say that Harish too was victimised like he was.

But foxy KCR pitted Harish Rao against Eatala. Harish, who is smarting under the Dubbak reversal, wants to prove himself and win KCR's confidence. So, he started attacking Eatala and Eatala paid back in the same coin. As a result, the best of the friends have become the bitterest enemies.

The latest is that Eatala has dared Harish Rao to contest against him and win from Huzurabad. To this Harish Rao said that Eatala realises that he would be defeated by party's ordinary worker Gellu Srinivas. 'So, to salvage his prestige, he wants to lose in my hands,' he said. So, expect more verbal fireworks in the days to come from former friends in Huzurabad.