See how Telangana BJP is trying to utilise NEC meet in Hyderabad

Thu Jun 16 2022 12:42:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana BJP is planning to fully utilize the proposed national executive meeting of the party in Hyderabad. All the delegates, comprising battle-hardened MPs, MLAs, chief ministers, organizational office bearers and stewards of political campaigns,  will arrive at least a week before the actual date. They will fan out to different parts of Telangana, where they would interact with the local party workers, booth incharges and other office bearers in detail

They will give advice to the local leaders of Telangana. They will also extensively tour the rural side to submit a detailed report to the party's national leadership so that it gets a fair idea of the situation in the state. Based on these reports, the party will work out the strategy for the upcoming assembly elections.  Sources say that the party apparatus across the state would get activated by these surveys, study tours and meetings, which will begin from June 28.

Also, the Telangana BJP is planning to organize special meetings with the people of various states settled in Hyderabad. Special meetings would be organized for the Marwaris, north Indians, Tamils, Malayalis,Kannadigas,Marathis, Bengalis and Assamese people in Hyderabad. Leaders from the respective states will address these meetings. Finer details of these programmes too are being worked out.

In addition, the party is planning to organize a massive public meeting at the Parade Grounds as part of the national executive committee meeting. This will be a show of strength and will help in mobilizing support for the party in the upcoming elections to the Telangana legislative assembly early next year.  The party has also begun collecting funds in denominations as low as Rs 1000 from the people to create awareness about the party and its programmes.