Swamiji Ends Up With Egg On His Face

Mon Apr 22 2019 12:02:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Seer Kamalananda Bharati is known to be a firebrand swamy who spits fire at his opponents. He is still facing cases for his comments against the Owaisi brothers. Now, he has made another gaffe. Recently, he released a video slamming the TTD for mismanaging its gold. He also demanded action against the officials concerned But, within ten minutes, he deleted the video saying that he was wrongly informed and was unaware of the TTD procedures. He had also apologised for his video.

Kamalananda Bharati had alleged that over 3000 kg of gold was being transported in a very lackadaisical manner from the TTD and that this was seized by the election officials as there were no supporting papers. Within ten minutes, he retracted his statement.