Senior Journalist Calls KA Paul 'Mad Dog'

Sun Feb 17 2019 21:15:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Journalist Swetha Reddy shared her selfie video in which she offered a befitting reply to KA Paul who has been allegedly spread blatant lies about her. 'During the TV9 Debate, KA Paul tried to deviate the topic instead of answering the questions raised by Me directly. After failing to gain mileage with the debate, He is making videos with his mobile to spread bad propaganda. Does only Paul have the mobile to circulate such videos? He alleges that I am Jagan's Covert/Babu's Covert/Pawan's Covert, Balakrishna's Agent & Terrorist. What is he speaking? His madness touched peaks! Such people should be admitted in Erragadda Hospital. If his health condition wasn't treated, Paul will end up becoming a threat to the society. I appeal CMs of Telugu States to shift 'mad dog' KA Paul to any Mental Hospital in AP or Erragadda Hospital. Can he prove the character assassination allegations against Me? I you have guts, Face Me directly,' she challenged.

Swetha Reddy asked KA Paul not to expect a respectable Journalist like her to pose for a selfie with his chimpanzee face. She went on to say people haven't gone mad to believe statements.

The Senior Journalist alleged Paul, who claims to have spread peace mission to 120 nations, settled in Ameerpet and he doesn't even have money for fuel in the car. He accused Paul of indulging in corporate begging using elections. 'KA Paul alleged I tried to visit his hotel room in Park Hyatt. How dare to talk about my character in such manner? It was Me who went to police station at 11 am to lodge complaint against Social Media trolling against KA Paul. Am I a mad dog to follow your instructions? I had interviewed the best politicians, social activists and doctors so far. What has KA Paul achieved till date to make Me crave for his interview? All those who follow Paul are half-brain fellows,' she commented.

Swatha Reddy challenged Paul to prove if his allegation that she is the girlfriend of Maddelacheruvu Suri. She questioned, 'Whether if Paul is trying to pocket Rs 30 crore by collecting Rs 10 for each party membership? How could he offer tickets for 3,000 aspirants if the Assembly Segments are 175 and Lok Sabha Segments are 42 in Telugu States? Are people mad to believe your senseless talk?'.