Seniors in T-Congress Not Listening to Revanth Reddy?

Sat Jul 02 2022 17:07:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Internal fights and groups are not new for the grand old Congress party. When the state was combined, we have seen like-minded leaders forming groups bringing a big headache for the party. Even after the state was bifurcated, the issues are troubling the national party.

After opposition Parties Presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha's visit to Hyderabad was announced, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Revanth Reddy said that the Congress party will not attend the meeting hosted by TRS given the issues Congress has with TRS. His comments shocked everyone, as the grand old party is supporting Sinha for the upcoming polls.

Now it's the turn of Revanth Reddy to face a shock, as a senior leader did not listen to what Revanth Reddy and went to the airport and met Sinha. After the Presidential candidate landed in Hyderabad, the senior leader gave him a bouquet and welcomed him.

Senior leader from the Telangana Congress V Hanumantha Rao made his way to the airport. The ex-MP was spotted meeting Sinha along with the Chief Minister of the state.

What the senior leader had done raised a new question on whether the seniors in the party are still angry with Revnth Reddy and they are not ready to walk with him. Revanth Reddy has been targeted by the seniors and opponents as well on the fact that he started his career with TDP and switched to Congress.