Sensational Video On AP Minister, A Few Doubts!

Mon Feb 06 2023 18:52:22 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Everyone knows how politics are in Andhra Pradesh. Leaders from the same party and locking horns. They are having issues with others. Even the Ministers are also expressing dissatisfaction. Ministers are feeling bad that they are not having any stature and no one is listening to them and things are becoming Tadepalli-centric. Now a video is doing rounds on social media.

The husband of a former Sarpanch breathed fire on Guntur District Vemuru MLA Minister Meruga Nagarjuna and made sensational allegations. Manikya Rao, husband of a former Sarpanch posted a video on social media alleging that Narajuna is stopping the clearance of bills and is harassing Dalits.

He said that roads were laid in the village when his wife was the Sarpanch and Minister Narajuna stopped the bills from getting cleared.

Manikya Rao said that he made the video because he was mentally depressed due to debts. But he also gave a twist that Meruga became a puppet in the hands of the upper caste and they are making him act according to their wish.

His comments created controversy. He should be concerned about his issues. But he brought Upper Caste leaders into this and his comments raised many eyeballs.

His comments also created a debate that there might be someone behind the comments made by Manikya Rao. Minister Meruga is expressing his dissatisfaction of late and now a video was released on social media against him.