Sextortion Racket in Rajasthan unearthed by Delhi Cyber Cops!

Sun Oct 17 2021 11:48:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

In recent times, a lot of customers have complained of getting scammed in the name of sales of bikes and phones at a cheaper price. The cybercrime issue where hundreds of people became victims for the crime had reached the Cyber Crime of the Delhi Police. During the investigation, the cops were stunned to know more details as they went deeper into the issue.

The Cyber Crime Cell had unearthed a racket that is based out of Rajasthan. Despite making Rajasthan its base, the racket had extorted money from victims from other states as well. The setup the racket made has stunned the Cyber cops who had investigated the issue.

The racket runs in a way that the fraudsters make friends with the fixed victims. After taking their WhatsApp number, they make video calls with obscene content. Later, the fraudsters will morph the video and attack the victim's face to the video and blackmail them to send money, or else they will make the video public.

The victims have sent money to the fraudsters fearing that they might leak the morphed videos on the internet. The fraudsters have demanded money in lakhs from each victim and they always target people with a high-five circle.

Bharatpur area in Rajasthan is the main center for the extortion racket. Besides using morphed videos, the fraudsters also pose themselves as the call center executives and target the victims and extort money from them.

More details on the extortion racket came to the limelight after the main accused Hakmuddin was nabbed by the Cybercrime cops. During the investigation, he reportedly shared details on how they work and the way they operate. They made strong protection around the racket making the racket unbreakable or untraceable.

As shown in Karthi starrer Khakee, the villagers in Bharatpur will be in one word. Even the cops cannot enter the region to nab the accused. If they try to enter the village, the locals will attack the cops. When the cops reached the village in 2020, the police vehicle was attacked and cops sustained injuries. Earlier too, such incidents of attacks against the cops were reported.