Sharmila Says Telangana Is Her Future!

Thu Dec 01 2022 17:09:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

YS Sharmila shot to super fame and became a sensation in state politics after she was arrested and sent to the police station. Things changed rapidly as she was taken to the police station and she was given bail and allowed to resume her padayatra which was stopped due to the violence that broke out.

YS Sharmila is being targeted on her Andhra Pradesh links as she was born and brought up in the Andhra region. From social media to normal media the TRS supporters are targeting her on that.

Moreover, Sharmila's father YSR reportedly did not support the Telangana movement and the movement did not flourish when YSR was the Chief Minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh.

The other day YS Sharmila and Kalvakuntla Kavitha fought on social media. While Kavitha targeted Sharmila indirectly calling her the arrow left by the BJP, she hit back asking where she was when the Telangana movement happened. Kavitha gave a strong reaction that she took an active part in the movement.

Now Sharmila reacted to the attack and mentioned the Andhra links of KCR's wife and asked why she will not be respected when the CM's wife is respected. She said that her education and marriage happened here. Sharmila went on to say that her kids were born here and her future is also here.

Only time will decide if Sharmila's claims will work for her or not. Sharmila has been doing yatra for many weeks, but it did not get coverage. If not for her arrest, people would have not bothered about this. Political experts say that the main fight is between TRS, BJP, and Congress and Sharmila is not in the picture.