Sharmila's Sharp Comments Leads To Violence In Padayatra!

Mon Nov 28 2022 21:11:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

YS Sharmila wants to try her luck in Telangana politics. For this, she floated her party YSR Telangana Party and is busy with a state-wide padayatra. The yatra already covered the 3000-kilometer mark. Not just meeting the people, YS Sharmila is also aggressively targeting the legislators of the ruling TRS.

To increase her political image, YS Sharmila has been targeting the concerned legislators of the region she tours. Following the same, she made sensational allegations about Peddi Sudarshan Reddy, Narsampet MLA. Listing out the problems faced by farmers and people in Narsampet with the recent rain, Sharmila said the MLA failed to support the locals.

The sharp comments made by Sharmila have increased the political heat in Warangal. The ruling party activists and YSR Congress Party workers had a clash over her comments. From attacks to counterclaims Sharmila's yatra saw intense scenes.

Posters criticizing Sharmila were reportedly posted in the region, not happy with the comments she made. Her effigies were also burnt by the MLA's followers and supporters reportedly.

Adding intensity to the yatra held by YS Sharmila, her caravan was set on fire by a few people and Sharmila alleged that TRS is behind this. The caravan that was supposed to be used by her for the yatra was set on fire and burnt completely.

As if it was not enough, YS Sharmila was also taken into custody by the concerned police due to the violence that broke out during the yatra. Sharmila alleged that seeing the success of her yatra, the TRS is doing all these things.

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