Sharmila Wants To Use YSR Sentiment For Her Political Mileage?

Mon Sep 19 2022 13:01:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Sharmila, who is trying hard to foray into Telangana politics is locking horns with the ruling TRS. After Minister Niranjan Reddy used objectionable comments against her, she is breathing fire on the ruling party asking if this is how the government assures safety for women.

The other day, Sharmila raised the political heat in the state by alleging that there was a plot behind her father's death and that it might also happen to her. Bringing the death of late YSR after around two decades gave birth to many theories and opinions.

YS Sharmila talking about YSR's death made a few political experts believe that Sharmila might want to use YSR sentiment for her political image. It is known that Sharmila is offering Rajanna Rajyam in Telangana if voted to power. Her mother Vijayamma is also supporting her.

The experts are also drawing a comparison between YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Sharmila. The majority of YSRCP fans are supporters and sympathisers of the late YSR. In the campaign before the 2019 general polls, Jagan assured that he will repeat what his father did back then.

Sympathy works well in politics. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy banked on the same. After he was released on a bail, he went into public and created an opinion that he was wrongly framed to hinder his political future and ambitions.

Sharmila bringing YSR's death issue to the discussion gave birth to a debate on whether she wanted to bank on the sentiment of the previous Chief Minister. If she can hit the bull's eye in sympathy, then she can have the required mileage politically.

Sharmila repeatedly termed herself Tiger Cub and she is not going to fear any plot or conspiracy against her. She linked two things in the press meet. One is that there was a pre-planning for her father's death. The second one is that such planning might be underway for her as well.

"YSR was killed in a preplanned conspiracy, and they would kill me too. However, till my last breath, they cannot separate me from the people," Sharmila said.

All these things added fuel to the doubt on whether Sharmila wants to bank on YSR sympathy. We also have to wait and see if her idea would work or not. Having made these allegations, Sharmila did not name any names who might have played a role in her father's death.

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