Sharmila invites Eatala into her party!!

Thu Jun 10 2021 08:17:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Sharmila has given an offer to Eatala Rajender. She said her to-be-born political party in Telangana was willing to accommodate Eatala Rajender, who has just resigned from the TRS. She said that her party would welcome Eatala.

Interestingly, Sharmila's party is not yet born and has not yet been named. Addressing a preparatory meeting of the party on Wednesday, she said that Eatala was joining the BJP only escape from the cases registered against him. She also strongly criticized the KCR government for failing to control Corona.

Sharmila's comments inviting Eatala into her party sound interesting as ever since Eatala issue came up Sharmila's political plans have suffered a setback. The party activity came to a naught due to the spate of Covid cases. Even Sharmila had to be in quarantine for some time as some of her close associates tested positive.

Interestingly, she said unlike other parties, the party workers will decide the party's agenda, policy and programme. She asked the party workers to come up with various issues that could be included in the party's policy and programme. Sharmila said she would announce the formal formation of the party on YSR's birth anniversary.