Bat Woman Of China Warns About The Ongoing Pandemic

Tue May 26 2020 19:05:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Famous virologist from China Shi Zhengli who is currently working on the spread of the virus said that the types of the viruses which were being discovered till now are "just tip of the iceberg" and the worts is yet to come.

The virologist who is dubbed as "batwoman" of China by the media who was studying on the virus which is believed to be transmitted from the bats found fault with politicizing the science in connection with the pandemic.

She said that in these tough times scientists and governments should be more transparent especially when the researchers across the globe are not leaving any stones unturned to come up with a vaccine for the virus.

Talking about the ongoing pandemic, she said that the genetic characteristics of the pandemic are quite different from the viruses she has earlier worked on and added that her lab is no way connected with the virus.