Shiv Sena Minister smells BJP's plot behind Aryan Khan case!

Wed Oct 06 2021 21:01:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the rave party in Mumbai was busted and eight people including Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan were taken into custody by the NCB officials, a section of people have opined that Aryan Khan is being targeted more than the other accused. A few members of Bollywood have supported SRK in the issue.

Giving the sensational case another big twist, Shiv Sena leader and Minister Nawan Malik had alleged that the entire case was nothing but a well-executed plot by the BJP against Aryan Khan.

Talking about the viral picture of a person with Aryan Khan, the Maharashtra Minister alleged that he is a BJP leader and sought an explanation from the NCB about the bald person who took a selfie with Aryan Khan. He questioned how come he took a selfie with a person who is in NCB custody.

Giving an example of a person who is said to be Manish Bhanushali, the Shiv Sena leader alleged that he has links with the BJP party. Pictures of Manish with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Chief Minister Devendra Fednavais went viral..