Deputy Speaker In LS: Shiv Sena Vs DMK!

Sun Jun 09 2019 12:33:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Shiv Sena sought Deputy Speaker post in the Lok Sabha as the second largest party in NDA. BJP Leadership, however, isn't keen to accept the demand placed by its alliance partner.

Generally, Ruling Party offers Deputy Speaker Post to the Main Opposition or one of the Opposition Parties. AIADMK received the post during the previous term. Though Congress might be offered the post this time, The National Party wants to divert it to its ally DMK. By doing so, Congress wishes to seek the help of DMK to nominate Former PM Manmohan Singh to the Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu.

Even BJP Leadership won't mind offering Deputy Speaker post to DMK considering the fact that it won most of the MP Seats in Tamil Nadu. After NDA retained power, MK Stalin stopped behaving like a UPA Loyalist.

DMK could be preferring Kanimozhi as the Deputy Speaker. Earlier, Karunanidhi's Daughter served as a Rajya Sabha Member. For the first time, She was elected to Lok Sabha as a representative of Thoothukudi Lok Sabha Constituency.