Shock to AP Deputy CM: Court notices on her ST status!

Sun Apr 18 2021 13:08:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

The controversy over AP deputy CM Pamula Pushpa Srivani's caste has taken an unexpected turn. The AP high court on Monday has issued notices to Governor and election commission to remove her from her post as she is not an ST. The high court has issued notices to the administration. The opposition is now baying for her blood and want her to resign.

Among those who were issued notices were AP chief secretary, Governor's chief secretary, secretary general of the Central Election Commission, West Godavari district collector ad Buttayigudem tehsildar.

This was something that was waiting to happen. Already Pushpa Srivani's sister Rama Tulasi has been removed from government service as she is not an ST. Yet the deputy CM continued to argue that she was an ST. On Friday, the court heard a petition filed by a retired teacher, who claimed that Srivani was not an ST. She said that she was not a Konda Dora as she claims and argued that only a certificate issued by an officer of the level of RDO and above was valid.

The Deputy CM did not comment on the issue so far.