Shocking: Angry Customer Throws Coffee at Indian Staff Member!

Tue Jun 14 2022 13:33:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hoping for better life and income, people land in western nations. Unfortunately, they will be forced to face assaults and humiliation there. An Indian recently found himself at the receiving end after he was reportedly assaulted by an angry customer who was not happy with the Indian.

Going into detail, an Indian who was identified as Suman is working as a staff member at a Coffee Shop in Australia's Sydney. While he was working, a customer ordered a coffee. At the same time, a woman visited the shop and ordered something. The angry customer reportedly decided to pay for the lady as well.

Hearing this, the woman reportedly said no to the proposal. The Indian said the same to the angry customer. Saying that the woman is not ready to accept him pay her bill, the Indian staff member told him that he cannot accept the bill. This made the customer angry and he started arguing with the staff member.

Things escalated quickly when the angry customer threw the coffee he ordered at the Indian. This shocking act made the Indian staff member sustain burns on his face and hand. The visuals captured by the CCTV set up at the coffee shop show how the staff member tried to make the customer understand the situation and how he went wild.

After the customer threw the coffee cups at the staff member, he had a few burns on his body. The management of the coffee shop spoke about the issue and said that they were shocked by the incident and they will not tolerate such behavior and issues.

After the visuals went viral on social media, the issue went to the notice of the concerned police. Acting on the issue, the cops reportedly arrested the accused who is in his 30s. He is likely to be produced before a local court.

"An employee has been left with burns to the face following an altercation at a Parramatta cafe.CCTV shows the man allegedly verbally abusing the worker before throwing two cups of takeaway coffee at him," a Sydney news outlet said while sharing the news.