Shocking Behaviour of Pawan Kalyan

Sat Oct 12 2019 17:56:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not only the movie stars, celebrities and political bosses even small politicians don't want to compromise for luxury. But Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan behaves quite contrast to this. The public show very much interest to know where their favorite celebrity or politician stays.

There are very few celebrities who lead a normal life. Pawan Kalyan is surely one among the. He is a very big star and has a huge following in the masses. In reel life, he looks stylish and ultra-modern but in real life, he is very simple and humble.

Pawan, who is suffering from back pain went to north India for Ayurvedic treatment. Currently, he is Haridwar. You will be surprised to see the room where he stays. He is staying is Pawan Dham ashram in Haridwar.

After seeing his room, one can definitely say that this will surely increase his reputation for leading a normal and simple life. There is no A.C in his room. It's interesting how can Chief of a political party can be so simple. Pawan who is busy is discussing the purification of the Ganges planned his tour in a simple way. But posting the photos of the hotel on Official Janasena Page led to a lot of negative comments on social media. Many people commented that if Pawan stays in a normal hotel, what's the point in posting them on social media