Should Poor Road Condition Be Blamed for Accidents in AP?

Thu Jun 16 2022 12:47:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

The average life expectancy of humans has come down compared to earlier due to various reasons like changes in food habits and lack of physical strain. On top of this, people are losing their lives with their habits like alcohol and tobacco. Now a recent report sheds light on another reason behind many deaths.

In its recent report, the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministery said that road accidents are claiming many deaths across the states. Despite the death percentage coming down, a significant number of deaths are triggered by accidents. Ten states account for the lion's share of road accidents in the country.

Going by the data shared by the Union Ministry, close to 30,000 people lost their lives due to road accidents between 2016 and 2020. Driving vehicles at high speed and indulging in road rages are causing deaths in the state in big numbers. 2020 saw the highest number of deaths caused by road accidents.

In 2020 as many as 7,039 people lost their lives followed by 2017( 6,768), 2018(6,196), 2016(5564) and 2019(5530), as per the report. Road accidents were recorded in bigger numbers in four years. The rest of the victims sustained injuries in the accidents.

The subject experts say that driving vehicles at a higher speed than the prescribed limit is causing these accidents and the commuters should keep in mind that rash driving and overspeeding are not advisable no matter where they travel on internal roads or the highways.

On the other hand, we have been hearing stories about the poor road condition in the state. The opposition parties are attacking the government for not focusing on the roads in the state. Forget about others, road conditions in Andhra Pradesh attracted comparison from the fellow Telugu state Telangana. A Minister said that the roads are so bad that people are unable to spend time there.

With the rise in road accident numbers in 2019 and 2020, maybe the state government should seriously start repairing the roads so that no accidents take place. Andhra Pradesh was ranked 9th in terms of states with the highest accidents in the country.