Should We Believe Centre Said Amaravati Has Sanctity As Capital?

Wed Feb 08 2023 18:23:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The capital issue in Andhra Pradesh is a burning issue in the state without any doubt. The nature of the state government is the main reason behind the controversy as it wants to have three capitals rather than developing Amaravati alone. Bringing a new twist to the tale, Chief Minister Jagan said that Vizag will be the next capital.

When a lot is going on regarding the capital issue the comments made by the Union Minister raised a new doubt on whether the Centre talked about the sanctity of Amaravati region as the capital of the state. The Concerned Minister made the comments in a written reply.

Minister of State for Home Affairs of India Nityanand Rai in the Lok Sabha took the question raised by YCP leader Vijaya Sai Reddy and said that Amaravati was selected as the capital as per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act under sections 5 and 6. The Union Minister also said that the current Andhra Pradesh government did not consult the Centre on the three capitals.

Combining the two statements made by Nityanand Rai in the house, the political experts are raising doubt on whether the union government indirectly said Amaravati was selected as the Capital as per the Act.

It has to be mentioned here that the Andhra Pradesh wing of BJP has been saying that it is supporting Amaravati as the capital city and the Centre has already granted thousands of crores for the development. Now the Union minister said that Amaravati was formed as per the law.

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh said that Amaravati should be developed as the capital city. But the state government challenged the verdict in the Supreme Court. If the Apex Court also supports the same then nothing can stop Amaravati from becoming the capital city.