Siddhu vs Amarindar war continues in Punjab

Mon Aug 23 2021 13:56:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

The battle for supremacy between cricketer-politician Navjot Siddhu and chief minister Amarinder Singh is refusing to die in poll-bound Punjab. Both the leaders are still fighting among themselves despite the intervention of both Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. With the elections round the corner, the party high command is worried about how to iron out the differences between the two leaders.

The latest dispute is about Siddhu' s statement that Kashmir was never part of India and that both Pakistan and India have no right over the land. By this statement, Siddhu has adopted a pro-Pakistani stand. Amarider Singh, a former army officer, has staunchly opposed this statement of Siddhu. He said by making such statements, Siddhu was harming the Congress interests. He said that the party will suffer heavy damage in the elections if such statements are made.

Siddhu has in the past too made such statements. In fact, both he and Amarinder had deep differences on the issue of Siddu attending Kartarsinghpur corrodor's inauguration. Amarinder did not like Siddhu hobnobbing with Pak PM Imran Khan. He objected to Siddu hugging Pak army chief Bajwa. Now with Siddhu again making statements that are against India's interest, Amarinder has come out strongly. He said that Siddu should change his advisors. He said he would not tolerate such statements.

A worried Congress high command has stepped in quickly to reduce the tensions between the two leaders. With Amarinder and Siddhu holding diametrically opposite views on the issue, the high command is trying to ensure that things do not slip out of hands.