Decoit yet Mudumalai Forest people leader, Veerappan daughter joins BJP!

Sun Feb 23 2020 20:25:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Yes, Veerappan is not someone or anyone should praise or even take as an example. But he is worshipped as God by more than 100 villages in Mudumalai Forest.

When you visit his speulchre in his village in the forest, you can see that people worship him and they take him as they leader, even today.

But Mutthulakshmi, his wife couldn't convert that into a political movement as court cases kept harping her progress. She finally established her own political party, Mann Kaakkum Veerathamizhar Peramaippu, after court acquitted from all the cases in 2018.

Before that she constested elections from Krishnagiri constituency as Independent but failed. Now, their daughter, Vidya Rani rebelled against her and with 3000 followers of Veerappan ideology and people without any criminal background, joined BJP.

"I want to work for the poor and underprivileged irrespective of their caste and religion. PM Modi’s schemes are for the people and I want to take them to the people," said Vidya Rani to media.

She took this stand to achieve her father's dreams legally and commented that her father had good ambitions but took wrong route to achieve them.