Somu Veerraju's Soft Response Hint at 2014 scene Repeating?

Mon May 09 2022 16:36:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

The politics in Andhra Pradesh are now revolving around the alliances between the party. There are a lot of questions about which party will join hands with the others. The ongoing developments suggest that Janasena and Telugu Desam Party might join hands for the forthcoming general elections.

Sensing the same, the YSRCP leaders are constantly daring TDP and Janasena to face the elections without any alliance.

While it is believed that TDP and Janasena which once joined hands would do the same in the future, it is a big worry for the AP wing of the BJP.

AP BJP chief Somu Veerraju was asked if his party would like to join hands with the TDP. Replying to this, he said that BJP is in alliance with Janasena. Raising many questions, he said that he would like to hear Pawan Kalyan's version on this.

Whenever Somu Veerraju faced a question on friendship with TDP, he sued to give a clear-cut answer that there is no question on that. Repeating what Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, Somu used to say that doors for TDP were closed.

But the change in Somu's tone had given birth to many speculations. With Pawan Kalyan saying that you will see a miracle happen in the near future, Somu's soft response added fuel to the opinion that 2014 scenes getting repeated.