Sonu Sood's philosophical note on leaving the post!

Sat Jan 08 2022 15:11:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Sonu Sood's current image is not the same as what it used to be earlier. His image can be seen before and after the pandemic. When India was hit hard by the Covid outbreak, Sonu Sood turned Messiah for the needy and gave his best in helping others.

His humanitarian work was lauded by one and all. Earlier he was appointed as the "State Icon" for the Punjab state by the Chief Election Officer of Punjab back in November 2020.

Now as a sensational development, Sonu Sood had decided to step down from the State Icon position in the wake of the forthcoming General elections in Punjab. Real Hero Sonu Sood confirmed the same through his social media account.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Sonu Sood announced the news of him leaving the position voluntarily. Starting the post with a philosophical note, Sonu Sood said his journey as the state icon of Punjab came to an end like all good things end.

Giving a reason to this, Sonu Sood said, the move to step down as the State Icon is a mutual decision that was taken by him and the Election Commission in the wake of the Assembly elections.

"Like all good things, this journey has come to an end too. I've voluntarily stepped down as the state icon of Punjab. This decision was mutually taken by me and the EC (Election Commission) in light of my family member contesting in Punjab Assembly Elections. I wish them luck for future endeavours," Sonu Sood's Tweet reads.

The Punjab Chief Electoral Officer's official Twitter handle also confirmed the development with a tweet. "Press Release: Election Commission of India has withdrawn the appointment of Actor Sonu Sood as a state icon for Punjab," the tweet reads.

Sonu Sood's image changed at once from a reel life villain to a real-life hero, thanks to his helping hand. He made sure that, his help reaches the needy as much as possible. From helping migrants and Indians struck in other countries and providing facilities like oxygen, Sonu Sood had helped millions of India during the pandemic.