Sorry We Cannot Arrange Vehicles for CM Convoy, says Trans Dept!

Thu May 12 2022 18:23:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

The situation of the Andhra Pradesh government is such that various departments in the state are requesting the government to clear the pending dues saying that they are unable to continue with the delay in the payments. Earlier the teachers' unions and recently the Electricity employees have done the same.

Given the problematic situation of the state economy and income, the government is not in a position to address the issues and release funds. Except for urging the employees to understand the situation, it is unable to do anything.

Like a thorn in the flesh, the Transport Department had also written a letter requesting the government to clear the outstanding dues that have been pending for the past three years. The Department said that the dues of vehicles hired from outside are also been pending for a long time.

Having said that, the Transport Department had reportedly made it clear that it cannot arrange for vehicles for the CM convoy and other VIP visits if the dues were not clear. This is a big development and we have not heard about something in the past in any state.

The alleged letter sheds light on the economy which is not in a good position as the employees and pensioners are not getting their dues on time. Moreover, the pending dues are piling up and crores of rupees are yet to be released. One wonders, where the money the state treasury has is going?