Soulmate Breathes Fire On Pawan Kalyan

Mon Mar 25 2019 15:40:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Writer Kona Venkat who claimed Pawan Kalyan was his soulmate in the past slammed the Jana Sena Chief for targeting YSR Congress Party.

Kona Venkat: 'Pawan Kalyan has been spreading hatred through his speeches for political gains. I don't know why he is spitting venom on Jaganmohan Reddy. Pawan Kalyan should have conducted Padayatra just alike Jagan to understand the people's issues. If Pawan could prove any of the allegations he is making against Jagan, I am ready to hold Jana Sena Flag in my hand'.

The Star Writer questioned why Pawan Kalyan wasn't criticizing Chandrababu Naidu much these days. Describing Naidu as a Brahmin-drohi, He gave a call that not even single Brahmin should vote for TDP in this elections. 'Chandrababu Naidu has stooped to a new low. Can't see such a villain even in films,' he opined.

Kona exuded confidence that YCP's Nava Rathanalu will change the lives of people. He went on to say Jagan is a ray of hope for Andhrites.

Kona Venkat's Uncle Kona Raghupathi (Neeraja Kona's Father) is the Sitting MLA of Bapatla. He is contesting again on YCP Ticket from the same constituency.