Sour experience for Eatala's wife in Huzurabad

Sun Jul 18 2021 08:48:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former minister and BJP leader Eatala Rajender's wife Jamuna Reddy, who is in the thick of the campaign for her husband in the upcoming bye-poll, faced an embarrassing moment when a person stopped her speech, countered her and broke a clock with Eatala's photo in protest. This incident left everyone surprised and shocked.

On Saturday, Jamuna went to Mamillavada village in Huzurabad for an election campaign. He met several villagers and even as she began addressing them, a person identified as Srinu, interrupted the campaign by loudly shouting and gesticulating.  He said that his son had died while taking part in a sports event and was awarded an ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh. He said that only Rs 1 lakh out of that amount was given and the remaining was not given. He shouted wildly at Jamuna and broke a clock with Eatala's image kept there.

Later investigations revealed that Srinu's wife was given a job in the social welfare hostel in the nearby village. However, the reasons for non-payment of the remaining 4 lakh is not known.  Eatala and his wife are campaigning extensively in the constituency to ensure Eatala's re-election to the Telangana Assembly.