PUBG In Talks With Reliance Jio To Resume Operations In India

Mon Sep 21 2020 18:20:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Government of India recently banned the intense action game PUBG in the country. Since then, disappointed PUBG players are desperately waiting for the game to make a comeback in the country. Now, there is good news for such people, who have been waiting to get back to the game.  

South Korean company PUBG has initiated talks with Jio Platforms for distribution of its highly popular game in India.

PUBG was banned because it was being distributed by Chinese firm Tencent in India. So, the gaming company is looking for a local partner to resume operations in India.

According to reports, the talks between the two companies have reached a stage where they are discussing revenue sharing and localisation. However, no official announcement has been given out by either Reliance Jio or PUBG yet.