Speaker Sentiment Hits Madhusudhanachary

Wed Dec 12 2018 16:17:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the undivided Andhra Pradesh, there has been a strong sentiment that the politician who becomes the speaker will not win the elections the next time. This sentiment has got repeated in Telangana too. Madhusudhanachary, who was the speaker of the outgoing legislative assembly, has been defeated this time. Though he had worked very hard and tried every strategy that matters to woo the voters and win their confidence, he was trounced at the hustings. The assembly will have to now look for another speaker.

Because of the fear that those who work as the speaker might not win again, many politicians refuse to accept this assignment. But, Madhusudhanachary hoped to buck this trend. But, the voters willed otherwise.

Interestingly, several other leaders with pronounced anti-incumbency have managed to win the elections. Madhusudhanachary could have won the elections if only he tried harder. As a result, the speaker sentiment seems to have worked more than anything else and Madhusudhanachary has ended up losing the elections.