Speculations about Botsa's political future

Wed Oct 20 2021 17:00:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

There's a lot of anxiety and anticipation about senior Minister Botsa Satyanarayana's political future both within and outside the YSRCP in north Andhra. Questions are being raised whether he would be continued in the ministry in view of the rumours that all the ministers would be dropped in the proposed Cabinet reshuffle in AP.

Another major question is what if he is dropped from the ministry? How will Jagan honourably rehabilitate him? There are rumours that Botsa would be sent to the Rajya Sabha from the six vacancies that would arise next year. At the same time, his son Dr Sandeep would be given the party ticket from the family borough of Cheepurupalli.

After all, Botsa has been representing Cheepurupalli for two-and-a-half decades. Even in 2014, when the Congress lost deposits in all other seats, Botsa stood second in Cheepurupalli. This shows his grip over the constituency. He has been representing the constituency for years.  So, can Jagan do away with Botsa and still win Cheepurupalli?

Sources say that former minister Kimidi Mrunalini is promoting her son and district TDP president Kimidi Nagarjuna from Cheepurupalli and in all likelihood he is likely to contest from the same place. If Botsa goes to the Rajya Sabha, then there would be a very interesting contest in Cheepurupalli as the sons of two heavyweight politicians ' Dr Sandeep and Nagarjuna will have a face-off.