Sri Lanka suffering from Food Crisis, prices reach all-time high!

Tue Oct 12 2021 19:58:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Things are not going Island Country Sri Lanka's way as the food crisis and economic crisis in the nation had reached a burning point. The prices of essential items have been skyrocketing for the last few days pushing the country towards a deep crisis. People are unable to get the essential goods for their needs.

Experts say that Sri Lanka has been facing a crisis situation due to a few reasons like the foreign currency shortage and the deadly impact of the novel Coronavirus. These two reasons have resulted in a situation where the public is not in a situation to afford the high prices of the essential items.

As an example of the burning situation in the country, the LPG Cylinder and the Milk Powder prices rose to Rs 2,657 and Rs 1,195 respectively. The prices of other essential items like wheat flour, Sugar, and pulses have also reached an all-time high. The soaring prices have made the public stage protests demanding the government to bring down the prices.

With the situation slipping out of the hands, the government has lifted the control on the prices of the essential goods to see that the fraudsters will not sell the essential goods in the black market. Besides taking the required measures to increase the supply of the goods, the government is also aiming at bringing down the prices.

The move to keep a cap on imports to safeguard the exchange reserves of the supplies turned out to be a disaster for the country. The gap between the demand and supply of essential goods went on to rise, leading to a big food crisis.