Stampede At Football Stadium Turns Tragic, 120 Fans Died!

Sun Oct 02 2022 10:50:03 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Fans have immense love for sports and sportsmen in almost every country. Earlier we have seen how Afghanistan cricket fans showed their anger on Pakistan fans unable to digest the defeat in the recent Asia cup. The Pakistani fans were brutally attacked by the Afghanistan cricket team fans.

A similar incident was reported from Indonesia after fans of two football teams fought each other. The stampede situation reportedly claimed as many as 129 lives. A few other victims sustained severe injuries. The cops reached the spot to clear the crowd. With no option left, the cops used tear gas.

The other day, Arema and Persebaya teams locked horns with each other at the Kanjuruhan stadium in Indonesia as part of the Liga 1 #football match. The Arema team lost the match with Persebaya scoring three goals.

The fans of the Arema team could not digest the news of the team losing the crucial match. They started targeting the other team's fans. Though the issue started as an argument between two fans groups. Things escalated quickly and both teams started attacking others.

The angry fans lost their senses and began attacking the opponents. The angry fans went berserk and also attacked a few cops and damaged the vehicles. Seeing the situation going out of hand, the cops used tear gas to bring the situation under control.

The Indonesian government expressed shock over the incident and called for an investigation. The games held by Indonesia's football association (PSSI) were suspended for a week and the Arema FC was prohibited from hosting the remaining matches in the ongoing tournament.

However, there is also a criticism that fans were allowed to enter the stadium more than the actual capacity. It is said that thousands of fans more than the capacity of the stadium were allowed for the match.

There is also an opinion that if the organisers would have not allowed fans more than the capacity the situation would have not been this worse. Even though fans had an ugly fight, the damage would have been not that severe. The detailed investigation is underway and more details are awaited.