Major relief for Indians: Stamping on arrival for H1B visas in US soon

Sat Oct 01 2022 13:59:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Stamping on H1B Visas is going to get a lot easier now.  No more travelling to home countries and facing those nerve-racking hassles that delay the stamping. This is a harrowing experience for those who visited India and want to report back to duties and for those who are pursuing courses like MS. Till now, those coming home in India had to get their visa stamping done in places like Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi.

A presidential commission on Asiatic Americans and Pacific islanders has approved a proposal  to stamp the H1B visas in the US itself. This facility can be availed by highly skilled foreign workers. The proposal will have to get the approval from US President Joe Biden. Once the approval is obtained, getting H1B visas stamped becomes a lot easier.

This is being seen as a huge relief for the professionals who are employed in the US. In several instances, the sole breadwinner of the family is stuck in India unable to get the visa stamping done and his family members are left in the lurch in the US. In many cases, the spouses do not have a US or international driving licence and are unable to do anything on their own.

The waiting time for the Visa appointment is around 844 days and this would mean that many employees could even end up losing their jobs in the US as they are stuck in India without visas.  The new system, when approved, would be a boon for the Indians working in highly skilled jobs in the US on H1B visas.

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