Steering Committee gives reasons behind the PRC protests!

Mon Jan 24 2022 19:15:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

As announced earlier, the Employees Associations have served the strike notice to announce their decision of hitting the roads by distancing from their duties. Taking their protest to the next phase, the employees will go for an indefinite strike against the PRC issue from the 7th of next month.

Having served the strike notice, the PRC Steering Committee held a press meet. Addressing the media on the issue, the members of the committee listed out the reasons which forced them to take the warpath to fight for their demands as far as the PRC row is concerned.

The Committee members said that, despite the employees demanding to grant the old salaries, the Andhra Pradesh government is not looking into the matter, and with no positive response from the government, they had to take this decision. With no option left, we are raising our concerns by hitting the roads, they said.

The Committee said that all the employees' associations will take part in the protest and made it clear that they cannot attend the meeting with the committee that was formed to sort out the issue unless they don't know the limits of the committee.