What's The Story Behind Kamalasan Reddy's Transfer?

Fri Jul 30 2021 16:47:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

One byelection…. But the TRS government is taking it so seriously that it is overhauling the whole administration. The government has undertake a thorough reshuffle of the administration. It has changed everyone from constable to the SP and from junior level clerk to the district collector.

Anyone suspected of having some closeness to Eatala is being moved out of the district. Even primary school teachers are being shifted from their places. As part of this district collector Shashank has been moved out of the district. Both Eatala and Shashank have hit off well and are known to have a good rapport. Hence the government moved him out of the district. The latest in this series of transfers is that of Karimnagar commissioner Kamalasan Reddy.

Kamalasan has been the commissioner of Karimnagar ever since the commissionerate was constituted. He has been in the same post for five years now. He himself had sought transfer from Karimnagar at least twice in the past. Then the government rejected his request. Now, the same government has not just transferred him,but even attached him to the DGP's office. This is being considered as a big punitive step. Kamalasan's closeness with Eatala is being touted as the reason for this.

The TRS government has ensured that there are no pro-Eatala elements in the district administration. Thus, Eatala will have to contend with an administration that is new to him. As a result, things will not be easy for him in the runup to the bypolls. Now, Kamalasan's sudden transfer and attachment to the DGP's office are being viewed as big developments. This is now the talk of the town.