Shocking: Students Bath Videos Leaked, Girl Student Arrested!

Sun Sep 18 2022 12:21:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The atmosphere at a private University turned intense after angry rnstudents held a protest against the management. The issue reached a rnpoint where the cops had to reach the spot and pacify the protesting rnstudents. They assured the students that the guilty will not be spared rnand appropriate action will be taken.

Jumping into the details, rnthe Chandigarh University in Punjab witnessed some tense scenes after rnthe students called for a protest. The girl students who found their rnbathing videos online. Demanding action against the culprits, they held rnthe protest.

The students suffered a big shock after knowing thatrn one of her fellow students recorded the video. The accused lady studentrn recorded the video and sent them to a person and he is believed to havern uploaded it online. The accused lady student was arrested and the probern is underway.

 The students found that their videos are all over rnthe internet. They staged a protest and a Minister assured them that rnaction will be taken and urged them to have some patience as the issue rnis very sensitive.

As the accused lady student is in police rncustody, the information the cops gather after grilling him will come inrn handy. There is no clarity on whether the person uploaded the videos rncasually or is there any reason or motto to upload them.

The rnpolice often warn girls to not share personal pics and videos to others rnas they can be misused and can be uploaded by others. But the lady rnstudent in this case reportedly shot the video and shared it with rnothers. While the girl student is arrested, the cops are gathering rninformation about the person who received the videos from the arrested rnand uploaded it online.

It is also said that, the investigation rnofficers reportedly found evidence to prove that the videos which are rndoing rounds are shot inside the campus and then shared.

Then students were shocked looking at their bathing videos making it to the rninternet. One girl reportedly fainted out of anxiety and was rushed to rnthe hospital. The cops assured the protesting students that the rninvestigation is going on and the accused will be nabbed.