Suicide Blast Shakes Afghanistan, Over Dozen Killed!

Fri Sep 30 2022 17:14:21 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The situation in Afghanistan changed at once after the Taliban forces took over the country. Since then, people in Afghanistan have been going through a lot of struggles and issues. Afghanistan was recently hit by a food crisis and countries like India came to its rescue by sending supplies.

On Friday, tension gripped Afghanistan after a suicide bomb exploded claiming the lives of around 19 people. The attack was believed to have been planned making the learning center the target. Around two dozen victims sustained injuries in the blast.

As per the local media, the suicide bomber entered a learning centre where students are busy preparing for exams. While the students were busy in preparation, the suicide bomber blasted the bomb resulting in a chaotic situation in the western Kabul region.

The family members of the victims rushed to the hospital where the victims were undergoing treatment. However, they were asked to leave the spot as a safety measure fearing that another attack might take place there.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, political experts say there might be a hand of the Taliban forces in the suicide bomb as the blast happened in the area where the Shiite Hazaras live in big numbers. When the Taliban forces were in power in the late 90s, the community was reportedly attacked and now the same happened.

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